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I swear in php3 I used to do if($var == 'abc'|'xyz'|'cbs') maybe it was just a dream :p ... How about multiple and && ? ... You can try this: <?php ...

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Can I have multiple conditions for a single if statement? (PHP)

&& is for 'and', || is for 'or'. for instance: if($text == "Hello" && $text2 == "hi"){ code which should be executed when both statements are ...

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If statement with multiple conditions in php - W3codegenerator

If statement with multiple conditions in php · If statement with OR (||) condition in php. $var = "abc"; if($var == "abc" || $var == "def") { echo "true"; }.

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PHP Conditionals - If, If-Else, If-Elseif-Else and Switch ...

if -elseif-else statement allows you to execute different code groups based on different conditions. ... In PHP, both elseif and else if are valid. The following ...

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if - Manual - PHP

If expression evaluates to true , PHP will execute statement, and if it evaluates to false - it'll ignore it. More information about what values evaluate to ...

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PHP if...else...elseif Statements - W3Schools

PHP Conditional Statements · if statement - executes some code if one condition is true · if...else statement - executes some code if a condition is true and ...

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php best way to check multiple or conditions in if statement ...

“php best way to check multiple or conditions in if statement” Code Answer. php multi condition if. php by Jittery Jay on Dec 06 2020 Comment.

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Mastering the use of PHP conditionals | The Man in the Arena

if (is_array($array) && !empty($array) || !empty($var)) { do_something($array, $var); }. How does PHP evaluate a logical condition like the ...

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Checking multiple conditions : If statement - PHP -

Checking multiple conditions : If statement « Statement « PHP ... <? if ($username == "Admin"){ echo ('Welcome to the admin page.'); } elseif ($username == "Guest ...

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Multiple Conditions - IF ELSE - PHP - SitePoint Forums

I'm now stumped on muliple conditions in IF THEN statements [frowning] Hopefully I can explain what I want to achieve!

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PHP If, Else and Elseif Conditional Statements - Tutorial ...

In this tutorial you will learn how to use PHP if, if-else, and if-elseif-else statements to execute different operations based on the different conditions.

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PHP IF, ELSEIF, ELSE, and Nested Conditional Statements

Just like most other programming languages, PHP also allows nested IF statements. This means that you can have multiple conditions within ...

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PHP If Statement with AND Operator - Tutorial Kart

Since we are using AND operator to combine the condition, PHP executes if-block only if both condition_1 and condition_2 are true. If any of the conditions ...

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Examples on Writing if Statement in PHP - eduCBA

Example #4 – Multiple if Statements. Code: <?php $var1 = 10; $var2 = 20; ... We can see, there are other conditions that are true but its output is giving ...

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An Essential Guide to PHP if Statement with Best Practices

If you want to execute multiple statements in the if block, you can use curly braces to group multiple statements like this: <?php if ( expression ) ...

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How To Write Conditional Statements in PHP | DigitalOcean

A conditional statement evaluates whether a condition is true or false. ... When there is the possibility of matching multiple conditions, ...

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C Tutorial - More on Conditionals - Idle Loop Software Design

When an if 's condition is true, the computer will execute the (one) statement immediately following the if . In order to execute multiple statements, ...

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PHP Switch Statement Case Multiple Conditions - Tutorialscan

PHP Switch Statement condition used in PHP where we need to perform different actions based on different conditions. Switch statements are similar to a series ...

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PHP If Else - javatpoint

The PHP if-else-if is a special statement used to combine multiple if?.else statements. So, we can check multiple conditions using this statement.

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